Today we would like to introduce to you how the project of IYELabs is going on in Trento. The workshops finished in December and our participants tried to be consistent in participating even though they were busy with university and with exams. During this month our partners in Trento (InCo Association) tried to work on the idea of the project based on the SDG chosen in November. From January on we will be working on the creation and implementation of the projects. Now, we would like to present to you shortly the choices that our participants made and their projects’ ideas.

Three groups were formed based on their common interest in certain fields and also on the ideas of what they wanted to implement.

  • The biggest group, formed by 7 participants, decided to work on SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. The choice of this Goal stems from the fact that the group is very interested in food waste. However, in the city of Trento there are no problems concerning this issue; therefore the group decided to promote the policy of the province. They had also other ideas such as creating an app, making an event with associations that work in close connection with Goal 12.
  • The second group chose Goal 4, Quality Education. Also in this case, in Trento there not many concerns regarding education and the group decided to work on education linking it with disability and/or children of immigrants. They are still in the process of understanding if to do both or focus just on one SDO.
  • The last group -which is composed by one participant- decided to focus on Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. His idea is of creating a series of events and activities where there will be an intergenerational dialogue. The scope of these activities is to connect the young and the older population of Trento and help them to connect by teaching some manual jobs or share some knowledge.

During January our team in Trento will meet all the groups individually to support them in the process of transforming the idea into a concrete project.