This week (17-21/02/2020) our partners in Córdoba (Xul Foundation) organized a series of inspiring face-to-face meetings for the participants of IYELABs in Córdoba. Their aim is to help groups finishing downloading their projects and to align and articulate them with the associative fabric and needs of the city.

Some of the people who took part in these meetings were Amparo Pernichi, councillor of the Córdoba City Council and former programme coordinator of “Mi Barrio es Córdoba”, who sat with the group working on SDO 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities; the coordinator of Espiral Educativa, who sat with the group working on SDO 4 Quality Education; and the coordinator of the project Alimentando Córdoba, co-financed by the Cordoba City Council, the University of Cordoba and the Fundación Carasso, who sat with the group SDO 12 Responsible Production and Consumption