IYE-LABS partners are working on a plan to adapt our youth volunteering projects driving to a positive change at a grassroots level.

IYE-LABS partners and participants would especially like to carry on with our volunteering projects. We are trying to turn this terrible situation as a window of opportunity to innovate on new ways to pursue voluntary action and keep on developing positive actions for our local communities.

Due to the current context of lockdown all around Europe, IYE-LABS partners have decided to do our best to adapt our Erasmus+ project promoting volunteering for social inclusion on a grassroots level in Spain, Italy, Croatia and Turkey, giving as much continuity as possible to the foreseen activities, either in relation to the planned practical projects of local orientation for our young participants to the follow-up meetings for our volunteers and to the planned actions in the field of political advocacy with local authorities.

All the involved parties will first put our focus on creating a peer-to-peer international virtual network that will allow us to promote the exchange of opinions between all the parties involved through online meetings. Participants will share their projects with their peers and could decide if they should postpone their implementation until the end of the crisis or adapt them to the current circumstances.

The main output of these actions will be a guide explaining how our youth volunteering projects could manage to survive the pandemics, giving real examples accessible to a general audience.

Thus, during the upcoming weeks IYE-LABS will host several online meetings gathering participants and dynamizers from 4 different European countries that will pool their views on how to elaborate this specific guide using a collaborative online space.

Our idea is to disseminate common reflections and ideas on how to make volunteering projects survive to the pandemic in an innovative way, explaining both the core of our projects and the way we are adapting them step by step to the current necessities. the document would especially reflect participant’s views on what dynamics were more useful to generate the expected social impact, collecting inspirational ideas, e-volunteering activities and policy recommendations for each SDG.

The Guide will also include a special section (“What to do in the post COVID-19 era”) in order to develop initiatives to tackle SGS and new challenges that came up during the crisis.

At the end of the process, IYE-LABs will organise at least one activity to reach harder to reach participants that could have some interest in the guide, and organise an international event in autumn 2020 to present them the guide and try to form a new group of volunteers.