On 21 May IYE-LABS had its 2nd International virtual meeting with IYE-LABS participants from all around Europe:Trento (Italy), Córdoba (Spain), Fethiye (Turkey) and Zagreb (Croatia). Young volunteers had the opportunity to share their ideas for projects to be developed for the benefit of social or environmental organizations or specific group, and we also analysed COVID-19 impact on SDGs at a local level, especially among disadvantaged youth. We are quite proud of doing our best to adapt our projects to the current situation

So far 15 projects have been designed so far in order to tackle SDGs at local level. Some of them have been re-designed because of the Covid-19 crisis and others have been postponed until the distancing measures will end. All of them will be included in the “How to survive a pandemic Youth Guide”, a guide co-created by all participating countries young participants on what youth community can do to run positive change in their communities into the new post-COVID19 era.

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