Focusing on SDG-12 (‘Sustainable consumption and production), the “Sumamos con” IYE-LABS project seeks to promote ecological and responsible consumption, giving visibility to good practices that are currently being implemented in the City of Córdoba (Spain), particularly in school canteens and community kitchens. The three volunteers behind the idea, Carlos, Alba and Mirko, explain to us how the project managed to succeed despite all the difficulties due to the COVID-19 crisis.

What is the current state of implementation of your project?

We have already finished with the implementation of  our’Sumamos con’ project.

How did you readapt your project to the COVID-19 restrictions?

Our project has now been completed, but could still be repeated or continued in the next future. During the pandemic we had to readapt it by producing simple videos to collaborate with a donor-funded food distribution initiative to families in need of food assistance due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Do you think COVID-19 has helped you to learn how to manage things in a different way with a positive outcome?

No, we would not say so, since we have all had a workload in our university studies that has rather limited our performance in voluntary activities such as this project.

What are your main learnings from the COVID-19 era?

Finding motivation and activities to do, at times when it is difficult to see the positive outcome of things.

How have you managed to reach your target under COVID-19 restrictions?

Through social networks where the influx of users increased.

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