IYE-LABS volunteers in Córdoba Angie, Susana and Olmo managed to readapt their initial project tackling SDG4 – Education (“Entre Iguales”) into the new “Edúcate” project. They prepared a video giving tips to students on how to study from home that you can watch on our Instagram channel.

* What is the current state of implementation of your project?
Our project had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, we prepared a short video to help other youngsters to study safely from home. The video was published on social media networks.

* How are you readapting your project to the COVID-19 restrictions?
Due to the current situation, our group has not been able to carry out the project as we needed ipeople and it has been impossible to continue with it. We have worked on tips for young people, such as the video of study tips and help applications mentioned before.

* Do you think COVID-19 has helped you to learn how to manage things in a different way with a positive outcome?
Yes, somehow the COVID-19 crisis has made us face problems in a different way, but always in a positive way and trying to learn from the process, in a very big way.

* What are your main learnings from the COVID-19 era?
Our greatest learning has been to learn to adapt to the unexpected changes that often come and that we try to avoid. Getting out of my ‘comfort zone’ and learning how to cope and use applications that can help me. The resilience and hope, which we must never lose.

* How have you managed to reach your target under COVID-19 restrictions?
Using the video on tips for studying during the pandemic.

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