Leo is an International Relations student in Trento. He volunteers for our IYE-LABS project through our Italian partner, Associazione Inco.
Following #SDG11 (‘Sustainable Cities & Communities’) Leo’s problem-solving project idea seeks to promote knowledge exchange between different generations of citizens living in Trento, creating an online platform bringing together young digital-skilled people and senior citizens with decades of experience carrying out traditional jobs.
What is the current state of implementation of your project?  
The project has been re-invented into a business plan that takes into account the project and the goals previously discussed, it is rapidly developing these days, although it has not been implemented in any way. 
How are you readapting your project to the COVID-19 restrictions?  
Considering the covid restrictions, and the fact that many parties and potential partners of the project are out of business or are closed at the moment, it is more difficult to accomplish the totality of the goals. 
Do you think COVID-19 has helped you to learn how to manage things in a different way with a positive outcome?  
Covid didn’t really help me develop any skills, although it challenged everyone’s spirit of adaptation and social responsibility. 
What are your main learnings from the COVID-19 era?  
My main learnings are that you always have to be prepared for casualties, have back up plans, and that there is a precise hierarchy of value to attach to different things during a pandemic. 
How have you managed to reach your target under COVID-19 restrictions?  
I could not manage to reach my target, unfortunately.
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