IYE-LABs participant in Trento Marcella Zandonai planned to organise a walking tour through the city, gathering participants from 3 local NGOs: IYELABs partner in Trento Associazione InCo, Handicrea cooperative supporting disabled people and ESN Trento.
She was planning to visit the main spots of her village and, at the same time, show how the city is adapted to people with disabilities, and where barriers and problems used to be and are now solved. Her tour was supposed to finish at the Castle of Trento, where she was planning to hold an open discussion with the architect planning to make the Castle entirely accessible for wheelchair users.
* What is the current state of implementation of your project?
It’s on hold and will be on hold until the University of Trento will declare that ESN related events can be resumed.
* How are you readapting your project to the COVID-19 restrictions?
I am unfortunately unable to do it, since I left Italy for a new job opportunity. For sure I will try to push my fellow to further the project. Hopefully one day it will happen.

* Do you think COVID-19 has helped you to learn how to manage things in a different way with a positive outcome? 
Not at all. The contrary, I would say.
* What are your main learnings from the COVID-19 era?
That a democracy can turn easily into a dictatorship and that freedom is a given gift that can be taken any moment.
* How have you managed to reach your target under COVID-19 restrictions? 
Unfortunately not. Thanks to COVID-19 I am not even sure if I will able to undergo it…..ever again.
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