Gruppo Nest project seeks to address SDO12 (responsible consumption & production) in Trento by analysing how technology (and particularly mobile Apps) are contributing to solve this problem at a local level, analysing their strengths and weaknesses and disseminating them among local businesses. In this interview, Consuelo Bare tells us how the COVID-19 crisis affected the development of the project and how they are trying to overcome all the difficulties.
* What is the current state of implementation of your project?
Our project is still continuing because part of this will be in person, when it will be possible

* How are you readapting your project to the COVID-19 restrictions?

Yes we are, we changed our project completely: it consisted in implementing an app for the restaurant business, in order to waste less food in this field. Because of COVID-19, lots of restaurants were not available. So our team decided to work with our campus, in order to make the same changement, but in a restricted and available field. We created a social campaign to reduce food waste and planned some events and activities for the future. 
* Do you think COVID-19 has helped you to learn how to manage things in a different way with a positive outcome?
Absolutely yes. It completely changes our way to work but maybe in a better way. I think that also our project is now better because we become more creative and inspired. We have also learned to use different means and they will be useful for our professional career (such as Zoom, Google drive ecc..) 
* What are your main learnings from the COVID-19 era?
I strongly believe that this moment helps us to learn that nothing is impossible if you believe in it and you have a good team. 
* How have you managed to reach your target under COVID-19 restrictions?
More or less. In September we hope that it will be possible to organize some events that we have planned. If not, we will try to organize it in a different way, maybe online.
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