On 15 & 16 September IYE-LABS held its 4th transnational meeting which, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had to take place on Zoom.

During the first session, on Tuesday 15 September, IYE-LABS partners addressed the most-technical aspects of the last stage of our common project. Oneco gave us all a feedback on the IYE-LABS’ current financial state and we had the opportunity to review all the foreseen deliverables for Autumn 2020. What is to say: the learned lessons document, the sustainability plans, the pilot project reports, the toolkit translations and the how to survive to a pandemic guide.

The second session (16 September) was aimed at planning the youth exchange and the final conference with policy-makers. Both events will not finally take place in-person, but we have to move them to an online format due again to COVID-19. IYE-LABS partners face the final stretch of our project aware of all the challenges that the pandemic posed us, but also full of energies to overcome them all and become a reference project for European volunteering.

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