IYE-LABs is a transnational cooperation partnership that allows a group of stakeholders from youth, volunteering and social inclusion backgrounds to collaborate in a project aimed to foster inclusive youth environments by implementing innovative and participative practices, through developing social labs model as non-formal learning activities addressed to improving young people’s skills for civic participation and volunteering.

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The main aim of IYE-LABs is to develop the role of volunteering engaging young people in social inclusion projects to contribute to increase social, civic and critical thinking of young people. We would like to scale up good practices on youth environments by replanting them on a wider scale.


IYE-LABs is intended for youngsters seeking to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake volunteering projects, empowering them to generate a leadership changing forever their lives and the social ecosystem of their cities. Youth workers, decision makers and NGOs and social organisations will also benefit from the work process.

IYE-LABs project has been designed to tackle the following issues:

  • Lack of civil participation attitude among young people;​
  • Lack of youth involvement in local community and third sector organisations;​
  • Inequality and poverty, exclusion and discrimination that affects young people from disadvantage groups.​

IYE-LABs’ specific objectives are…

  • Promote intercultural dialogue and positive benefits of a diverse society among the project beneficiaries and the European society in general;
  • Enhance critical thinking and media literacy among young people and youth workers;
  • Foster active citizenship at a local and global level within a group of traditionally passive and unemployed youth by improving their skills for adopting the role of volunteers for social inclusion;
  • Build synergies with the local communities and enhance the capacity of youth work and social organizations to act as inclusion agents by empowering young people to drive positive changes in their communities. 

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